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Block Letter Communicator
Communication device for deafblind people
The Block Letter Communicator enables deafblind people to communicate with sighted people.

The Block Letter Communicator was designed in particular for deafblind people who are not able to use Braille. The sighted person types characters, which are made feelable as block letters by the device. The deafblind person can understand the message by feeling which characters are typed.

The Block Letter Communicator is very manageable, small, lightweight and is powered by rechargeable batteries. Therefore, the communication device enlarges the deafblind's mobility.

The Block Letter Communictor is equiped with extra large characters, and is therefore very useful for older deafblind, who are not able to use Braille.

The Block Letter Communicator can be delivered in all the European countries .

Please contact contact Chris Lagarde to receive more information about the Block Letter Communicator.

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