C. Lagarde
Communication devices for disabled people
Communication device for partially sighted with a speech disorder
The Comm-on is a communication device which is especially developed for (particularly older) people who are partially sighted and suffer from a speech disorder.

The person with a speech disorder types characters, which are showed on the display on the other side. In this way, someone suffering from a speech disorder can communicate with other people without speaking.

The Comm-on is equiped with large keys with very well readable, luminous characters. The keyboard is adapted to people who suffer from tremor, or have a diminished eye-hand coordination.

The Comm-on is very manageable, even for those people who are not used to computers. The Comm-on can be equiped with an ABC-keyboard (alphabetic order) or a AZERTY-keyboard (French/Belgian keyboard) instead of the usual QWERTY-keyboard.

The Comm-on can be delivered in all the European countries .

Please contact contact Chris Lagarde if you wish more information about the Comm-on.

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